"I was introduced to the OM Integrative Infusion Center after contemplating as to finishing my      bladder cancer treatments through my other doctor which weren't very promising. When I first    visited with Dr. Larry Armstrong I knew that I had found the right place to get treatment                 When he mentioned that they were faith based I knew that prayers had been answered. Doc          Larry, and staff, are like family to me and since I have been going through his procedures I          feel like a new person. I feel like my body is operating like it is suppose to. The results here        have been absolutely amazing. God bless Doc Larry and his girls."                                                                                                     J.B., Patient​​​


Your First Visit - What to Expect

We offer our patient forms online so that they can be completed in the convenience of your own home or office prior to your scheduled appointment. 

To access the New Patient Form,  you will need to have AdobeReader installed on your computer.  If you do not already have AdobeReader installed,  CLICK HERE  to download. 


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About your first visit

1. Download and complete the New Patient Form. The New Patient Form (multiple pages) will need to be completed and returned to us before we can schedule your appointment(s).  

Please fax the completed form to:               1.844.364.8780             or send them to us at:81 W. 1st Street, Sioux Center, IA 51250

or email with scanned attachment to:


2. Additionally, please send all medical records for the past one year, along with any other pertinent information we should be aware of.

3. After completing both 1 & 2 above, we will then get an appointment/consultation scheduled for you.

4. At the consultation you will have labs drawn so that we can formulate a personalized plan of care for you.

  "I was prepared to see Larry at OM Center for wellness         and then was diagnosed with a thyroid condition called         Hashimoto's disease. Larry and the staff put a                       treatment plan together, and we since, have brought this     condition under control through infusions, CHT and diet       plan. I feel better than ever  and thank Larry and the             staff for coaching me through this.  The treatment and         staff has been great!                                                D.C., Patient​​​

Welcome to OM Integrative Infusion Center.  We are humbled and excited that you have chosen to trust us with your health care needs. Please allow us just a few moments of your time to share with you what your first visit will look like.  Please also plan that your initial visit will be approxiatemly 2-3 hours in duration.  So, what will take place?

ConsultationThis will be your personal time to visit with Dr. Larry and Ann, ARNP.  In preparation for your visit we will have taken the time to thoroughly review your intake form along with any medical records provided from you and/or your provider(s).  From this, we will prepare for your consultation, where we may have additional questions for you, and we encourage you to ask the questions that you would like answers to regarding your health.  

After your  initial consultation, you will have a nursing evaluation.  This evaluation includes:

Bio-impendence Analysis (BIA)Small electrodes will be placed on your right hand and foot, to measure the fluid levels inside and outside the cell, which gives a good indication of your overall health.  It also measures several other factors that helps us determine your overall health.  

Vital Signs including blood sugar  

You will have your labs drawn as indicated by the information we have reviewed.  With the lab draw the nurses will prepare a Vitamin & Mineral Infusion for you.  After the infusion you will experience the Pulse Magnetic  bed, which helps to change the electrical charge of the cell to better use the infusion.  We would highly encourage you to consider  Colon Hydrotherapy (CHT)  to assist your body with detoxification.  If you choose this option it is best to have a series of 6 within the first month. 

What does this mean to you financially?  Financially, your first visit amount estimate would be: $900--$1100.00.  The breakdown of this estimate is as follows:

     Consultation:                                          $200 - $400

    (will vary depending on the complexity of individual case)

    Bio-impendence:                                                $  30

     Labs                                                                     $250     Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Infusion                    $350     Pulse Magnetics                                                 $  70                                                                    $900 - $1100

If supplements and/or nutriceuticals are prescribed to you,  the estimate above does not reflect those cost.


After your first visit, and based on what we have experienced in these areas, it is recommended that each person would have 1-3 visits per week that would include infusions and pulse, with an estimated cost of $330-$390 for each visit.  And, as you consider your personalized plan of care, with the above shared estimated costs,  please also plan for this care for at least a one to three month period.

FOR MORE INFORMATION   +1.712.722.0786