" I'm grateful for the renewed health and increased energy I've    experienced with treatments at OM Integrative. Their encouraging    and experienced team is helping me maintain living well even with a    chronic condition."
                                               LW, Patient​​​

         " After receiving a diagnosis of colon cancer and upcoming surgery I was determined          to investigate every avenue that would contribute to a successful surgery and                    recovery.  I called OM Integrative Infusion Center in Sioux Center, and they                          recommended an infusion plan for my situation. An expected 5-7 day hospital stay            was reduced to a little over three days and I went home with minimal pain and over            the counter meds.

      I attribute my unexpected and amazing progress to many prayers and the help I    

      received at OM. The staff is kind, caring and concerned and assured me of their                prayers along with the treatment!  An unbeatable combination! Thank you OM!                                                                                  BK,  Patient    


We appreciate hearing what our patients have to say about our services and our staff.    We hope you appreciate it as well!  Thank you to everyone who shared with us!   

   "I was introduced to the OM Integrative Infusion Center after   
    contemplating as to finishing my bladder cancer treatments              through my other doctor which weren't very promising. When I first          visited with Dr. Larry Armstrong I knew that I had found the right              place to get treatment. When he mentioned that they were faith                based I knew that prayers had been answered. Doc Larry, and staff,        are like family to me and since I have been going through his                    procedures I feel like a new person. I feel like my body is operating        like it is suppose to. The results here have been absolutely                      amazing.  God bless Doc Larry and his girls." 

                                                                           JB, Patient​​​


​​  "It's been wonderful.  They've been very supportive in my cancer     journey to health.  Love that they are Christ centered.  They are very     open about sharing it in all they do.  Genuine in their care and    interest in me as a person.  Very personable. 

                                                                       MEK, Patient



   "OMIIC has changed my life.  I started in April of 2019, with infusions of    Vitamin C.

   I have cervical cancer that has metastasized to my lungs. Before I started Vitamin C         infusions I could barely hold my head off the pillow from chemo.  Now I have little

   to no side effects from chemo. I have my life back. I can be a mom again. This is the

   best I have felt in 2 years.  I am so grateful    for OMIIIC.  They are like family and

   they have an amazing staff.  God has truly blessed with the best."

                                                            CS ,  Patient​​​     

      "My experience at OM was really a wonderful one. The staff was so       caring, friendly and they were all able to educate and help me learn       more about fantastic health.  I would highly recommend them to       anyone who wants that higher level of health!!                                                                           SZ, Patient    


​​  "Dr. Larry has me sassy again! The infusions and the care plan they    together for me have helped immensely. I would never be able to do    what I am doing physically had I not come here. Everyone is so                   helpful and has a servant heart." 

                                                                       MDW, Patient

  "I was prepared to see Larry at OM Center for wellness  and then    was diagnosed with a thyroid condition called Hashimoto's disease.    Larry and the staff put a treatment plan together, and we since,           have brought this condition under control through infusions, CHT             and diet plan. I feel better than ever  and thank Larry and the                     staff for coaching me through this.  The treatment and staff has    been great!"                                            

                                                                           DC, Patient​​​

  "I just left my doctors office for my yearly physical. My dr. is very impressed with my   improving health over the last 2 1/2 years.  My blood work is improving instead of     the normal downhill trend. My dr. said many times I can't believe at age 60 your       blood  work is improving.  2 1/2 years ago I was not sure how long my body could         keep going as my health continued to decline.  

   Thanks to the great staff at OM I have my life back!"

                                                                                       EH, Patient​​​

FOR MORE INFORMATION   +1.712.722.0786

  "OM Integrative has been a blessing to my life.  The staff is most       sincere, knowledgeable, willing to listen and truly helpful in dealing      with my healing  concerns.  I'm so grateful for its location."
                                                DN, Patient​​​