​​  "Dr. Larry has me sassy again! The infusions and the care plan they   together for me have helped immensely. I would never be able to do   what I am doing physically had I not come here. Everyone is so                helpful and has a servant heart." 

                                                                MDW, Patient


Our professional staff provides the future of total patient care. We offer a therapeutic approach that integrates oral therapy, IV therapy, hydrotherapy and pulse magnetic therapy to comfortably assist the body's ability to heal. 

​​  "My experience at OM was really a wonderful one.    The staff was so caring, friendly and they were all able to   educate and help me learn more about fantastic health.   I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants that    higher level of health!!                                                           S.Z, Patient    


​​  "I got cancer when I was 42.  I decided to do infusion treatments           both before and after my treatments.  I continued to do treatments       after my cancer journey.  I later had a neck fusion.  I was told it             would be a 9 month recovery period.  I continued with infusion             therapy and recovered quickly - people were amazed!  Later I was         getting sick, found about "this type of treatment" and started on a       regular basis, and once again, became healthy - both mentally and       physically!  Because of these experiences in life, I totally believe         in these treatments and continue to do them on a regular basis.           This office is a"10"!  You guys are wonderful and glad to meet y'all!"                                                   P.B., Patient​​​, California


Cleanse the colon of waste and toxins and detoxify your body on a cellular level throughout the body to improve your overall health.

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Improve circulation and cell metabolism by improving cellular function and health at the molecular level through pulse magnetic therapy.

IV Infusion Therapy

Increase energy and enhance immune support when you receive medications and nutritional supplements directly into the bloodstream.


You can Achieve optimal health.


Improve your overall health and well being with nutrition plans and supplements specifically designed to support your healthy lifestyle.

we create healthY families

Natural healing with cutting edge technology.